“7 days in Morocco” out now!

“7 days in Morocco” out now!

Finally, we’re here.

After a lot of time spent writing, editing, throwing it all away and starting again, plus plenty of dealing with insecurities about going through with it, I finally did it. I self-published my first book!

As a preview and short description, it is based on my real experience – a trip I took a while ago with 3 friends through Morocco – and it’s definitely not a travel guide. Rather than that, it’s a sort of travel journal meets memoir meets fiction.

I started writing it while there (without knowing it’ll turn into a book), taking notes on my phone as a travel journal for future record, and then felt really inspired when arriving home so started spending nights after work filling up pages with my memories just for the fun of it. When I decided, encouraged by a handful of close friends, to make a novel out of it, the process became much more difficult (from cutting out scenes dear to me just because they didn’t add up to the story, to adding salt and pepper here and there to make it more interesting).

But now it’s here! “7 days in Morocco” is currently available in Kindle format on Amazon at this link.

It’s intended as a light novel, easy to read, hopefully also fun and, why not, it might also inspire you to book a flight and head to mesmerizing Morocco and create your own memories there!

Hope you enjoy it and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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