So, I’m at the point I need to design my book cover. Needless to say I have no idea how to do it, no graphic design background, no friend willing to do it for free. No, hiring a professional to do it is way over my budget for this book experiment.

Then what do I do?

Simple. Waste countless hours researching the web. The problem with the glorious internet is that there is just too much information out there and I easily get lost in the sea of popping book covers, blog articles giving tips on “how to design your own book cover” or free online apps that offer pre-made layouts to be easily further edited.

I know the utmost importance of the book cover (despite the popular saying to not judge a book by its cover, we can’t deny that a great cover will help sell the book) but considering my position at the moment, any good cover will do, doesn’t have to be perfect.

The book tells the story of my trip to Morocco with a bunch of friends a while ago. I wrote here a short info about it, but to sum it all up, it’s going to be a short novel featuring my traveling experience through Morocco from my own point of view. It’s light, fast-reading and hopefully a bit funny too.

So how do I translate this into the cover design? No idea, really. I knew from the beginning I wanted something with the desert – as it was one of the highlights of my trip, but then there were so many other specific places and details that I managed to capture in photos that I could have used anything in the end.

Long story short, after getting lost in a sea of images and fonts, making around 10 similar options and then erasing everything,  I think I have THE cover. Well, two options, I mean.

Finding the best font is so freakin’ hard! Both images give me the idea of a more serious novel, but I want to give a hint of its “easiness”, so after countless trials, I picked a playful, “oriental”, font for the title.

Which gets me to my next point: please let me know your thoughts on how these look and which one is better. Or, rather, which one makes you want to pick up the book and read it?


13 thoughts on “Designing the book cover

  1. I like the first option. Hard to pinpoint exactly why I prefer it – the colour is cleaner and I also like the image which combines both the natural beauty and culture of Morocco! Good luck with the book!

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  2. Very cool font but I would go with the 2nd option mainly because of the lines separating the words make it more interesting; looking forward to your book’s release kaara 🙂


      1. Yeah… looks like everyone is jumping on the first one. I guess I’m just the odd one out – go with the popular votes lol


  3. It must have been quite an adventure if it resulted in a book :-). As for the covers, I prefer the first one but that font is easier to read on the second (which is really not bad either 😉 ). Not sure how much this helped . haha


    1. Well, it was a fun adventure, unfortunately too short, but enough to inspire me to put it all down for when I’ll be too old to remember :)) So far the first cover is leading the competition 🙂 Thank you!


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