I’m currently reading my book-in-the-making for the thousand time, correcting typos, cutting out paragraphs and adding up others, looking for various errors in the story. Never have I thought when I embarked on this journey that this was going to be such a tiring thing to achieve.

But now that I’m almost done and getting closer to the launch moment, I put up a list of 5 easy steps to help you in your journey of writing a book for the first time.

Just start writing

Stop dreaming or wishing or postponing. Start now even if you just put a few ideas down on a napkin at lunch.

Temporarily give up

Realize your glorious idea is not that glorious after all and your imagination seemed to stop working before offering you enough writing juice to keep on going with the story.

Resume writing

Start writing again on a whim. Random ideas keep on flowing in no cohesive manner and feel like this time it’s the real thing: everything will fall in place in time and you’re going to make it!

Cry in despair

Nothing makes sense anymore in your story and everything seems just too disparate and poorly written. Your story is not just uninteresting, it plainly sucks. Give up.

Keep on writing.

The final round. Open that file and start typing again. This time it’s for good: you’re finishing this book. You might not become the next amazing best-selling author, but your story will hopefully make someone happy. And if it doesn’t work out at all, at least you’ll be the proud creator of a whole book

You can do it!

*I wrote this post in an attempt to lighten up my spirits. I’m still thinking I should give up for all the random reasons (my writing is not good enough, I have no background in literature, my story is not interesting enough, there’s too much description, there’s too little description, there are too few pages, or too many pages for this story blah blah blah…). But I want to finish it. I want to see it published. I want to see if people like it or not. It’s like an experiment. And I want to see its results.

Writers: Do you go through these steps when writing a book?


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