… but I found myself writing a book.

It all started a few years ago while roadtripping around Morocco with some friends. The whole trip started quite randomly from a very cheap plane ticket bought a few months in advance and then one day we just realized we were landing in Marrakech.

For a whole week, we travelled from Marrakech to Sahara to Fez to Tangier, by car, by bus, by train, by feet… Four friends with tiny backpacks (it was an economy flight and we didn’t have enough money for large luggage…), almost no cash money, and a lot of dreams, hopes, eagerness to discover what this amazing country had to offer us. We bumped into so many random unexpected experiences, a culture so different to what we were used to in our “Western” home countries, that the whole time I kept joking that I was going to write a book about the trip.

And back home, I did it. At first I just wrote the facts to remember them later on, as a form of documenting our experience, but then.. one thing led to another. The next thing you know, I was adding more salt and pepper to the facts, embellishing the descriptions, correcting typos and formatting everything to look like a book…

What can I say then? Stay tuned for more! I’ll be sharing excerpts from the book, more info on my travels, maybe even some giveaways! 🙂


11 thoughts on “I don’t know how it happened..

    1. Thank you guys! ^_^
      Haha, nope, this time we didn’t went hiking literally 🙂 I’ll be sharing more info later on, but note that the book is not intended as a travel guide, but more as documenting the experience itself, with its fun times and ups & downs. 🙂


  1. NO WAY!! I thought I`m the only one with this kind of crazy ideas! I wanted to buya cheap ticket in a stressful moment to anywhere and the cheapest was to Morocco! So along with 2 friends i`m going there in May for 2weeks, only with our backpacks! So happy you guys made it!


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